WINBALANCE &TimeX brand belong to WinBalance Enterprise Company.

Since 1997, Win Balance has been focusing on manufacturing the restaurants furniture and related hardware, we also provide custom crowded control bases which are used at airports, banks, hotels. In 2002, we started manufacturing speaker stand, iPad Mount and Card Reader Stand.

Professional automatic iron casting line and paint spray line, ISO9001 and social responsibility certification, industry leading organization's approval, all of which are the solid foundation for us to provide the better products and services to our clients.

----WINBALANCE Brand main business are manufacturing the hospitality furniture and related hardware.

Since stable, then peaceful. The main feature of this brand are stable, strong and safety.

----TimeX Brand built in 2022 year, which are all original-designed products. Suitable for hospitality and home.

Classical. Chic. Warmly. Metal Furniture, only for your unique and perfect needs.